Remembrance of things past. Vol 1, Swann's way, Whithin a budding Grove, The Guermantess way.

Proust, Marcel
cote: PB246
Remembrance of things past. Vol 2, Cities of the plain, The captive, The Sweet Cheat Gone, Time regained.

Proust, Marcel
cote: PB247
The complete fairy tales.

Andersen, Hans Christian
cote: PB248

Melville, Herman
cote: PB272
A tale of two cities.

Dickens, Charles
cote: PB273
The little Prince and other stories.

Saint Exupery, Antoine
cote: PB254
Selected works of Virginia Woolf.

Woolf, Virginia
cote: PB255
cote: PB260
The collected tales and poems of Edgar Allen Poe.

Allen Poe, Edgar
cote: PB256
The complete work of William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare, William
cote: PB257
The complete illustrated of Lewis carroll.

Carroll, Lewis
cote: PB258
cote: PB262
The wordsworth stories of Horror stories.

James, M. R.
Le Fanu Sheridan
Dickens, Charles

cote: PB259
A pair of blue eyes.

Hardy, Thomas
cote: PB263

Scott, Walter
cote: PB264
The complete fairy tales of the brothers Grimm.

Grimm, Jacob
Grimm, Wilhelm

cote: PB252
cote: PB261
Four tales from Russia's southern frontier: A prisoner in the caucasus, The fountain of Bahchsaray, Gypsies, Poltava.

Pushkin, Alexander
cote: PB265
Around the world in eighty days & five weeks in a Balloon.

Verne, Jules
cote: PB266
Tales of mystery and macabre.

Gaskell, Elisabeth
cote: PB267
The works of Robert Browning.

Browning, Robert
cote: PB268
Lord Jim.

Conrad, Joseph
cote: PB269
The merchant of Venice.

Shakespeare, William
cote: PB270
Ethan frome.

Wharton, Edith
cote: PB271
The works of A. E. Housman.

Housman, A. E.
cote: PB274
The tempest.

Shakespeare, William
cote: PB275
Much ado about nothing.

Shakespeare, William
cote: PB276

Joyce, James
cote: PB277
The veteran and other short stories.

Crane, Stephen
cote: PB278

Conrad, Stephen
cote: PB279
The great Gatsby.

Fitzgerald, F. Scott
cote: PB280
The red badge of courage.

Crane, Stephen
cote: PB281
Selected works of Joseph Conrad: Including the novels Lord Jim, Nostromo, the secret agent and the short stories Youth, Typhoon, Heart of darkness...

Conrad, Joseph
cote: PB249