EE101 Electrical engineering I
EE102 Electrical engineering II
EE121 Office suite
EE122 C programming
EE171 Calculus
EE172 Calculus II
EE173 Chemistry I
EE174 Linear algebra
EE175 Physics I
EE176 Chemistry II
EE178 Physics II
EE203 Electrical engineering economics
EE221 Digital systems I with VHDL
EE222 Digital systems II with VHDL
EE232 Power electronics
EE241 Active Devices I
EE242 Active devices II
EE252 Linear systems I
EE262 Electromagnetic theory
EE271 Mathematics IV
EE273 Physics III
EE301 Linear systems I
EE311 Communication principes
EE312 Communication circuits
EE313 Network analysis
EE321 Digital systems I
EE322 Digital systems II
EE323 Microprocessor systems design
EE331 Electrical machines I
EE351 Linear systems II
EE352 Linear control systems
EE353 Process control & instrumentation
EE361 Electromagnetic field theory I
EE362 Electromagnetic field theory II
EE375 Analysis III (complex variables)
EE377 Modern physics
EE378 Probability & statistics
EE379 Thermodynamics (chemistry III)
EE382 Engineering management
EE402 Linear systems II
EE403 Nonlinear systems
EE411 Communications I
EE412 Antennas
EE413 Digital signal processing
EE421 Computer architecture
EE422 Microprocessors systems design
EE423 Structures de données
EE431 Electric machines II
EE432 Power electronics I
EE433 Power electronics II
EE434 Heat transfer
EE435 Electric drives I
EE441 Communication circuit
EE452 Linear control systems
EE453 Process control & instrumentation
EE454 Digital control II
EE462 Electromagnetic field II
EE471 Semi conductor physics
EE472 Numerical methods
EE511 Advanced communication theory
EE512 Microwaves
EE513 Radar and television
EE515 Lasers and optical fibers
EE516 Special topics communications
EE521 Programmable controllers
EE523 Programming language
EE524 Operating systems
EE525 Special topics on computers
EE531 Advanced power electrics
EE532 Electric drives II
EE533 Material science
EE534 Layout equipment
EE535 Industrial safety
EE543 Advanced integrated circuits
EE544 High frequency amplifiers
EE554 Digital control II
EE555 Optimal control
EE556 System identification
EE581 Projet I
EE582 Projet II
EE592 Economics and management
EL103 English I
EL104 English II
ES111 English I
ES112 English II
ES511 English III
ET302 Technology III (PCB)
ET302 Printed circuits
TE101 Electric circuits I
TE171 Applied mathematics
TE172 Applied physics
TE221 Digital electronics
TE222 Programming and numerical methods
TE224 Introduction to computer technology
TE231 Electric circuits and machines
TE241 Fundamental and linear integrated electronics
TE291 Management (maintenance, industrial)
TE312 Electronic communications
TE318 Digital communications
TE321 Microprocessors
TE322 Digital systems troubleshooting
TE323 Industrial process control
TE324 Programmable controllers
TE325 Special topics on computers
TE33X Power system components
TE332 Power electronics
TE333 Electric machines
TE334 Generation/Transmission and distribution
TE335 Methodology and maintenance
TE336 Electric design and drafting
TE345 Electronic maintenance and methodology
TE351 Instrumentation and metrology
TE352 Electronic equipment maintenance
TE382 Project
TS111 English I
TS112 English II
TS313 English III
TS318 Digital communications
TT204 Electric draft and printed circuits

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