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Welcome to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

        The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (known as IGEE: Institut de Génie Électrique et Électronique) of M'Hamed BOUGARA University-Boumerdès, formerly called the National Institute of Electricity and Electronics (known as INELEC: Institut National d’Electricité et d’Electronique), was created in 1976 in cooperation with a consortium made-up of organizations from education and American universities.

The institute operates on the basis of an Anglo-Saxon educational with the following specificities :

   Adoption of English as the teaching and working language allowing access to the original version of almost all scientific and technical productions in the educated discipline.
  A good balance and an effective pedagogical synergy between theoretical and practical lessons.

The Institute is one of the poles of excellence and provides nationally recruited training in Electronics, Telecommunications, Control and Power Engineering.

Each year, the institute is honored to welcome some of the best new graduate students from across the country. Indeed, given the specificities and opportunities surrounding the training provided by the Institute, the latter constitutes a very popular destination for laureates who meet the pre-established conditions. In addition, and in order to prepare students for technical courses, an intensive English language teaching program is provided to them as soon as they enter the Institute.

Our development model revolves mainly around the following points :

   Provide English-language teaching quality.
Increase the attractiveness of the institute by diversifying training offers with national registration that provide job opportunities.
Work to ensure good study and working conditions for students and teaching staff and ATS.
Increase the visibility of the Institute by strengthening national and international cooperation through the University, particularly with the socio-economic sector.
Cultivate the feeling of belonging to the Institute and involvement of staff and students in the Institute's development plans.

To all students and staff, faculty and ATS, I extend my heartfelt wishes for an excellent academic year.

Finally, I warmly thank our partners for their ever-renewed interest for the Institute.

Thank you and enjoy your visit in our website

Prof. Mouloud CHALLAL
Director of the Institute.

The Institute Directors since 2010 (Establishment year of the Institute)

Prof. Mouloud Challal

From 2018 until now

Prof. Aissa KHELDOUN

2016 -- 2018

Prof. Arab AZRAR

2010 -- 2016

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