About the last directives of Mr the SG/MESRS

Dear all,

Azul - السلام عليكم

We would like to inform you that we recently received a note from Mr. the General Secretary of the MESRS containing new directives relating to the finalization of the year 2019/2020. Further, during the meeting held today between Mr. the University Head, the Deans of Faculties, Directors of Institutes and the General Secretaries, we were instructed to apply these directives and therefore postpone all educational activities in face-to-face (on site) mode which were scheduled for the resumption of August 23rd, 2020 with the exception of the defenses of Master and Doctorate projects and University accreditations (habilitation universitaires).

Consequently, the activities' resumption and make-up exam schedules that we have sent to you so far are suspended until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

* Note d'information (MESRS)

Kind regards and be safe (حفظكم الله)

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