Dear Students,

Azul - السلام عليكم

This is to inform you that the new version of PROGRES WebEtu (V1.0.1) is available on Play-Store, and that the old one has bugs (It can give you wrong information).


(Published on 07-21-2022)

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS) put at your disposal a trial version of the digital platform progres (Webetu), which will allow you to view most of the information related to your pedagogical path:

- Control exam grades
- Exam grades and results of deliberations
- Debts
- Exam schedules
- Information related to university registration, and academic vacation.
- ...

* Download and Install Webetu v1 3.2 APK

- User name: Year of Bac + Bac number ( ex: 201938016521)
- Password: password of the bachelor (printed on the transcript), the establishment can request the reset of the password (by default it is the date of birth)

Best Wishes

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